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Rafael de Santiago - Puerto Rico fb-icon

rafael Rafael de Santiago, a renowned name in the world of dogs, has been involved with Kennel Clubs and the FCI for a number of years. Rafael is one of the leading names synonymous with world of show dogs; he has enjoyed a long and highly successful history in dogs, which spans over 4 decades. In 1972, in partnership with Roberto Vélez-Picó, founded the world famous RADESA line of Afghan Hounds. This launched them onto international dog show circuit both as exhibitors and breeders. A noteworthy and well-travelled Afghan, with many accolades was Blue Boy do Vale Negro, campaigned by Rafael across the United States, Europe and Latin America. 
Rafael is an FCPR International All Breed judge, since 1984. He has judged in 6 continents at the most prestigious shows including 22 FCI World Dog Shows, the Supreme FCI Champion of Champions Show in Switzerland, Westminster in New York, the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship, the Eukanuba World Challenge to name a few. 
Traveling worldwide to shows to fulfill judging assignments at least every three weekends out of four, Rafael still finds the time to work in his capacity as the President of Imagen Optima, an Advertising and Public Relations agency in San Juan. Rafael is also President of the Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico (Kennel Club of Puerto Rico). In 1997, he headed up the organizing committee and judged Best in Show at the FCI World Dog Show in home city of San Juan.
Mr. de Santiago’s dedication to the FCI started in 1979, after leading the recognition of the Kennel Club of Puerto Rico as member of the FCI. In 1991, was elected as member of the Standard Commission and serve two terms. At the 1999 FCI General Assembly, de Santiago was elected as member of the General Committee and appointed as Treasurer of the FCI. He occupied this position until 2011 when he was re-elected to the General Committee and appointed as Vice-President of the FCI. 
In May 2013, in Budapest, Rafael de Santiago was elected as President of the FCI by a great majority of votes becoming the first non-European person to be elected as president by the General Assembly of the Federation Cynologique Internationale. In his speech before the General Assembly, Rafael, presented the FCI Plan for the Future, a very comprehensive plan to take the World’s most important dog organization to the next level of excellence, with innovation, technology, research and team work. In 2015, Mr. de Santiago was unanimously re-elected as President of the FCI by the FCI General Assembly in Milano, Italy.

Roberto Vélez-Picó - Puerto Rico fb-icon

pico Roberto has been actively involved in world of dogs for over four decades, becoming an FCI all breed judge in 1985. He holds numerous official positions including Executive Director of the Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico, and member of the FCI Show and Judges Commission. He was the nominated FCI official delegate at the World Dog Show in Mexico in 1999 & 2007, and at the section shows for the Americas and El Caribe for Peru 2002 and Costa Rica 2004. Additionally he was appointed as FCI observer for the World Dog Show in Mexico 2007 and Las Americas and El Caribe section show 2006 in Colombia and 2014 in Costa Rica. 
Extensive international judging assignments have taken him around the world, officiating in many countries including at FCI World Shows in Peru, Argentina, Poland, Mexico, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Germany, France, Hungary, Finland and Italy. He has enjoyed other notable assignments in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Australia, Ireland, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, Russia, Spain, Gibraltar, France, Slovakia, USA, Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, Argentina, Panamá, Costa Rica, Colombia, Croatia, Slovenia, Iceland, New Zealand, Turkey, Cyprus, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Egypt, India and Moldova among others.
Prior to concentrating on his judging and official roles he was an accomplished breeder and exhibitor. Roberto gained Champion Status, and was most famously known, for the many Afghans he bred and exhibited under the kennel prefix, “RADESA”. Over the years he has also bred and exhibited with great success Briards, Whippets, Scottish Deerhounds and Lakeland Terriers. 
In his daily working role as the Chief Financial Officer of Imagen Optima, an advertising and public relations agency in Puerto Rico, Roberto is regularly dealing with high profile clients such as Digital Equipment Corporation, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Danosa, among many other well-known brands.

John Canty - Ireland fb-icon

canty My name is John Canty from Ireland I am involved in dog showing since 1977 as a boy of eighteen this year I am forty years showing I started showing rough collies than went on to Irish terriers which I am still involved with and made up numerous champions.i am a member of limerick and district canine club since 1998 .i have judge FCI all breeds in group 1 and all breeds in group 3 in many of the European countries.

Victor Lobakin - Azerbaijan fb-icon

Victor Lobakin Born in 1982. Graduated as engineer-programmer at Moscow State University of Service, Ph.D. 

Actually working in Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan as General Secretary.   Was interested in dogs since early childhood.  Attended his first show in 1998.   Worked as professional handler 2000-2006.

Chairman of Show committee of Kennel Union of the Republic of Azerbaijan (KURA). 
President of Azerbaijan Dachshund Club (WUT member).

Since 2007 breeds dachshunds under his own kennel name “Teckelwald”.

Judging since 2007. Breeds specialist: dachshunds and bull-type terriers. Have been judging besides Azerbaijan in Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine. 
BIG-4 Junior at European Dog Show-2016 in Brussels, Belgium. 

Carsten Birk - Denmark fb-icon


I have owned, showed and bred Great Danes since 1990 with Dog of the Year in Denmark 2010 as the biggest achievement. I have been chairman of the Danish Great Dane Club and member of the Danish Kennel Club's Show Committee. Further I have been Vice President of the Danish Kennel Club and chairman of the Judge Committee. I was authorized as FCI show judge for Great Danes in 2002 and is today authorized for FCI group 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 9. I have judged in 26 countries.

John Wauben - Netherlands fb-icon


Since the 1st of July 1979 I have dogs. Starting with an Old English Sheepdog that gave us the passion to be involved with dogs the rest of our lives. Since 1985 I have the honour to judge at FCI level. Starting (of course) with the Old English Sheepdog and now judging all breeds in FCI groups 1,2,4,6 and 10. During the years we have had bobtails, German Wirehaired Pointers and since a lot of years Newfoundlands and Petits Bassets Griffon Vendeens living in our house. I have a passion for working with dogs in the way they originally have been bred for. So working in the water with our Newfoundlands and trying to hunt with the Petits in the field and woods.

I’m the president of the Maastricht International Dog shows, educate people and helping them to become as passionate as I am with dogs. Also involved in educating judges.

Since quite a few years I am the vice president of the Dutch Kennel club Raad van Beheer and in this board responsible for health and welfare for dogs and also for all judges. Since 2014 I am the president of the FCI Show Judges Commission and a member for years now in the FCI Breeding Commission. Judged all over Europe en in some countries outside, where I  love to hang around and talk with people about our passion, our dogs.

To me dogs must be fit for the function they have been bred for. Dogs without exaggerations that can breathe and move without problems. Lucky that we have a lot of dogs that fit to this picture. That’s why I love to judge!

Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen - Finland fb-icon

Paula Hres

I got my first dog, a Wire Fox Terrier, in the year 1961. I began to take part in club activities, shows, obedience and hunting training from the beginning. My first dog was not a star, so I purchased soon another, a bitch, who became Champion. My first litter of Wire Fox Terriers was born in 1968, and since that I have bred over 200 litters, of Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers, English Springer Spaniels and Longhaired Standard Dachshunds, under Wolfheart prefix. I have never counted how many champions and group winners I have owned or bred, (well over 200) but we have had over 50 International (FCI) champions. I have exported dogs to about 20 different countries and many of them have become champions in their new home countries. There has been also several hunting trial and dual champions. One of our most successful dogs has been the Smooth Fox Terrier Int Ch Wolfheart Nutcracker, who was Terrier of the Year in -76. Our successes include winning the European Champion title in –98 with Int Ch Wolfheart Moritz and World Champion title in 2001 with Ch Wolfheart Diamond Lil. 
At the moment I have only Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers, about 20 dogs (and two cats, but they are not for showing or breeding). Showing and breeding nowadays is limited because of many judging appointments. 
I was a professional groomer for about 20 years, doing all breeds, and at that time I also handled different breeds in shows, like German Shepherds, Beagles, Cockers, American Cockers, Poodles etc. 
First I became a judge in -76. I was qualified as an all-breed judge in - 96. (in the FCI countries that means: qualified to award CCs in all the about 350 breeds recognized by the FCI.). I have awarded CCs in UK in 15 breeds: Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers, Airedale Terrier, Norwich and Norfolk Terriers, Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, West Highland White Terriers, English Toy Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Giant Schnauzers, Shar Pei, Tibetan Terrier, Finnish Spitz, Keeshond and Bouvier des Flandres. 
Besides Finland, I have judged in 47 different countries: Austria, Australia, Argentina, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, , Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakshtan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Thailand, UK, Ukraine and USA. 
I have been in the judging panel of the Champion of Champions, Veteran of Veterans contests in Finland, Sweden and Norway. In 2002 I’ve judged the Pup of the Year Contest in Ireland and the Champion of Champions Contest in the UK 2008 and twice the Golden Collar Show in Russia. I have judged many times in the FCI European and World Shows, various breeds and also group finals, and in Australian Royal Shows. 
I have been also Terrier & Dachshund underground hunting trial judge for 30 years, but decided to give that up because lack of time. We used to keep foxes and train dogs for hunting trials, but nowadays there is no time for that. 
I have been a board member of the regional Kennel Club for over 40 years, being the Vice-President for about 15 years and for the last 15 years and at present the President. I was a board member of the Terrier Club of Finland for 15 years, being the President for seven years, and editor of the bulletin for 11 years. I have been a board member of the local Dachshund Club for about 15 years, and member of the breeding committee of the Springer Spaniel Club and the Spaniel Club of Finland.. I have been the secretary of the Lahti International Show (nowadays regularly over 4000 dogs) for 30 years, and last eleven years the President of the organising committee. At the moment I am the Honorary President of the Finnish Dog Show Judges' Society after having been the President for about 16 years. I was the President of the Fox Terrier Club of Finland for ten years. I was several years also a board member of the World Dog Press Association. I am in charge of new judges’ education and exams for several breed clubs, and have held seminars in several other coutries. 
After joining the staff of the Finnish Kennel Club in -89 I had to limit the club activities. I was editor of the Kennel Club magazine (circulation over 100 000) for five years, but all the travelling and judging was difficult to combine with regular office hours, and so I started as a freelance journalist and photographer in -95. My articles and photos have been published in many dog magazines, newspapers, books and calendars in Finland and abroad. Besides the Finnish Kennel Club magazine Koiramme, I’m a regular correspondent of the Dog World (UK), Purebred Dogs in Review (USA) and many other canine magazines published in various coutries. I have also translated several dog books into Finnish and have been member of a group which made several TV programs about dogs. 
I have given lectures for many different clubs about breeding, shows, etc. 
I have been member of several Finnish Kennel Club committees: the Breeding Committee, the Standard Committee, the Show and Judges’ Committee and the Editorial Committee. At the moment I am a member of the Standard Committee. 
I have been decorated by the Finnish Kennel Club (golden pin of merit), the regional Kennel Club, the Finnish Terrier Club (golden pin of merit) and the Finnish Dachshund Club. I have been awarded the Vuolasvirta Breeders’ Plaque of the Finnish Kennel Club and the Breeders’ Plaque of the Finnish Terrier Club and the Golden Pin of Breeders (nr.1) of the Fox Terrier Club of Finland.

Harri Lehkonen - Finland fb-icon

harriMy first dog, a Rough Collie, was born in 1957. I showed him once or twice, and trained some obedience. After his death, my family purchased a Longhaired Standard Dachshund, but he was not a show quality dog. I became really involved with show dogs and breeding after we got married in -73. All the dogs and breeding has been on my wife's name, so all the credit of this goes to her, but actually we have done it together. We have bred and owned several Champions in Smooth and Wire Fox Terriers, English Springer Spaniels and Longhaired Standard Dachshunds. The breeding still continues. 
By profession I was a teacher of computing but now I’m already retired.
I became a judge in -82 and now I am all breed judge. Besides Finland, I have judged in about 40 countries on all continents. In 2012 I was qualified to judge all breeds.
I have been Terrier & Dachshund hunting field trial judge, but retired some years ago. I have been board member and vice-chairman of the local Dachshund Club for several years, board member of the Fox Terrier Club and a member and vice president of the Lahti International show committee. I have been member of the Computing Committee, the Standard Committee, the Planning Committee and Show and Judges Committee of the Finnish Kennel Club and starting 2013 as a member of the Finnish Kennel Club board. From the beginning of this year, I am the chairman of the Finnish kennel Club.
Some articles written by me and lots of my photos have been published in the dog press, and I have given lectures in several occasions. I am a member of the World Dog Press Association.
I have been responsible of the education and examinations of the new judges at the Finnish Kennel Club and some breed clubs. 
I have been decorated by the Finnish Kennel Club (gold medal), the Finnish Terrier Club (gold medal).

Szabo Sandor - Hungary   fb-icon
Since his childhood days, he was an enthusiastic dog owner and he started the career as a dog show judge in his youth.
Sandor Szabo is a successful breeder of Collie Rough and Bearded Collie, and also of Hungarian Vizsla.
His kennel has produced many champions, among which a Collie 'Juniors World Champion'.
Sandor Szabo has presided over the Debrecen Kennel Club for many years and he is an expert in the F.C.I. groups 1, 3, 4 and 7.

Garivaldis Athanasios - Cyprus (Greece) fb-icon 

garivaldis Athanasios Garivaldis was born in Kalamaria in 1955. 
He is a Graduate Merchant Navy Officer and also has a Degree in Informatics from the Technological Institute of Thessaloniki. 
​Ever since he was a child he has loved dogs and hunting. He has headed several initiatives and has been part of every effort to achieve a well-structured dog-breeding and canine community in Greece.
He has been a member Board of Directors of the Kennel Club of Greece, member Board of Judges of the Kennel Club of Greece, General Secretary of the Club Epagneul Breton of Greece, member of the Pointer-Setter Club of Greece, the Kurzhaar Club of Greece and the Kurzhaar Club of Italy. 
Other memberships and roles include:
Member of the Cyprus Kennel Club.
Member of the Kennel Club of Greece.
Member of the Club Epagneul Breton of Greece.
Member of the Serbian Canine Federation.
Member of the KOSTOLAC Kennel Club of Serbia.
Founding member and President of the Thessaloniki Canine Society for several years after a
series of consecutive re-elections Person in charge of organizing dog shows held by the Thessaloniki Canine Society.
Person in charge of organizing field trials held by the Thessaloniki Canine Society. Breeder of the Epagneul Breton and of the Llewellin Setter, a strain of the English Setter, under the kennel name of KENTAVROS.
International F.C.I. Dog Show Judge since 2003.
International Field Trial Judge of all dogs in Groups 6, 7 & 8 of the F.C.I.

Vija Klucniece - Latvia fb-icon
vija My biggest dream in the childhood was – to become an owner of a dog. In 1967 I had my first white Giant Spitz Chico, who left me at the age of 15. Since 1981. I bred Klein Spitzes, uptill now in some pedigrees of our dogs I can find the rootes from my black bitch Wensy. But my biggest love is Chow Chow. This breed was not present in performed USSR and when I had got my black male from Poland in 1988. it was the first imported Chow Chow in Latvia. Nowdays I have Papillons, it was the destity which takes this breed in my home and during last 8 years I enjoy my dogs and this breed at all. From 1982 till 1990. I was the president of Toy Breeds Club, from 1996. I had been elected as the president of Latvian Cynology Federation, I am the member of the Board in the Animal Protection Group. I had participated in all working groups arranged by the Ministry of Agriculture in Latvia about legislation for animals. As a judge I judged in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Belaruss, Russia, Hungary, Norway, Poland, Slovenia,Australia, Mexico and everywhere I found beautifull dogs and exellent breeders. Fluent in Latvian, Russia, English, could understand Polish, Czech and German.

Erodotos Neofytou - Cyprus fb-icon

erodotos I was born in 1974 in Pafos, the smallest city in Cyprus. At the age of 10 my parents gave me my first dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer.  This was the dog that intrigued me most about everything in cynology. 
Over the years many dogs came into my household such as Schnauzers, German Shepherd Dogs, Salukis, Kerry Blue Terriers, Samoyed, Doberman and a Fox Terrier that gained my interest. Through these dogs I learned more about their individual types and characters but I did not breed them. 
The breed that gained my interest the most in the end was the Afghan Hounds.  I started to breed them and had the honor of representing me all over the world, where they have been awarded with significant high level wins.  It has been one year now that the Australian shepherd Dog has gained me. 
Over the years I have become more involved with dogs and more actively from 2001 within the show community.  My contribution has been visual in so many ways and on many occasions.  In 2003 with a group of individuals with the same vision, we established the Limassol Kennel Club where I was the General Secretary from 2003-2008.  At the same time I also helped to establish more breed clubs such as Doberman, all Terrier breeds and Labrador.  I held the role of the President of the Cyprus Sight Hound Club. 
My active presence at the Cyprus Kennel Club started in 2006, as President of the Show Committee.  In 2007 I undertook the position of the General Secretary and in 2008 I held the baton of the Presidency of the Cyprus Kennel Club where I still remain today.

Petru Muntean - Romania fb-icon
pmI am a show judge since 1991 but I have joined the Dog World since 1974 when I got my first dog, a Pekingese. During the years I have owned various breeds but my constant love remained the Dachshunds.
In 1986 I became the President of Hunedoara County Kennel Club, and also a member in the Romanian Kennel Club’s board. From these positions, I have organized various shows and many other canine competitions. During 1996-2001, I had the honour of being elected President of the Romanian Kennel Club.
I have been nominated as all-rounder judge in 2005 and, the same year elected as vice-president of Romanian Kennel Club, function I assume until today. As international judge I had the opportunity to judge in more than 50 countries all over the World. All this years I had the pleasure and the honour to judge some important events as European, Asian section shows and World Dog Shows and I consider myself the proud inventor of the most well-known Romanian Dog Show … Dracula Golden Trophy. One of my ambitions was to be able to judge in all F.C.I. official languages to which I can add the Italian, Hungarian and Russian.
Cristian Vantu - Romania fb-icon
vantu2017There were no dogs in my family until 1985 when I blackmailed my parents to buy me a Spaniel. I was 12 when I got "Bell" and it took us 21 shows to get an “excellent”. Obviously, my dog was the best only that the judges had slightly different opinions :-) Yes, as a child I was a very bad looser but later on I understood that dog shows are mainly opportunities to meet breeders, to make friends, to look, listen and learn. This is how everything started. Ten years later my kennel name was “St. Anne’s” and beside many successful black and goldens I've bred “St.Anne’s Anca the Witch”, one of the top winning and probably the most influential sable English Cocker Spaniels of all time. Meanwhile I was looking after an unapproachable, wild but elegant beauty, the Azawakh. In 2002 I imported the first one in Romania from my good friend the late spanish/ chilean all-rounder Norman Huidobro Corbett. Shortly he was followed by other Azawakhs from France and Germany and then by some very successful litters under my new kennel name: INSOLENS. Since then I breed only Azawakhs. All together, over 30 years, I’ve owned and bred European, International, German, Austrian, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, Slovakian, Portuguese, Polish and Romanian champions.

In 1998, at 25, I started judging Spaniels and Sighthounds. At that time I wanted to influence the evolution of the breeds I liked in the way I thought is right. I wanted to put my type over other types. As every youngster I had very strong beliefs which was good but obviously not enough. Thank God I was polished by time and experience. Meanwhile I was involved in Romanian Shepherds at the time we were traveling around the country measuring them and working on the official breed standard. Later, I took Terriers, Retrievers, Dachshunds, Schnauzers and then, year by year, all the other breeds until I became an all-rounder. In the past two decades I judged specialty shows, international all-breed shows and Best in Shows all over Europe.

I wrote several articles about genetics, colour inheritance and morphology of the dog, Azawakh, English Cocker Spaniel and Carpatin Romanian Shepherd breed descriptions for various magazines and for breed club seminars worldwide. I contributed to writing the first Carpatin FCI standard and the new Azawakh FCI standard. As Vice President of the Mures County Kennel Club from 1997 to 2009, I was one of the organisers of the first editions of the, now famous, “Dracula Dog Show”. In 2006, 2015 and 2017 I was awarded the Romanian Kennel Club medal for my contribution to the romanian breeds and to the development of the romanian cynology. In 2017, after 30 years, I was named a honorary member of the Mures Country Kennel Club.

In my private life I am physician living with my wife and daughters here, in Targu-Mures, just around the corner ;-)

Alin Dumitrescu - Romania fb-icon
alin My name is Alin Dumitrescu and I am involved in show dogs scene since 1991, starting with one sweet English Cocker girl. I became vicepresident of Craiova Kennel Club in 1994 (to the present) and from 1997 I have my kennel affixe "Dumiland". Since 1996 i breed Bull Terriers and I was the fondator of Romanian Bull Typ Terriers Club and also his vicepresident many years. One of my breedings in 2003 became Champion of Sweden, Norway, Danmark, Finland and Nordic Champion , also Top Male 2003. My second breed, since 2010, is American Akitas where I also did a good job and alot of my breedings win the supreme BIS.  I am FCI judge since 2005 and I judge all over the world with my heart and love for dogs. 

Julia Magdas - Romania fb-icon


M-am nascut in 1986 intro familie iubitoare de animale, in special caini si cai. De mica am participat alaturi de tata la expozitii canine nationale si internationale, expozand rasele Ciobanesc unguresc Puli, apoi Pointer, Rottweiler si Bullmastiff.

Afectiunea fata de animale m-a determinat sa devin medic veterinar, absolventa Facultatii de Medicina Veterinara Cluj Napoca in 2012. In anii studentiei am detinut Teckel Pitic sarmos, rasa care m-a determinat sa-mi incep cariera de arbitru chinolog cu grupa a IV-a.

Am devenit arbitru de grupa in 2013 si treptat mi-am extins competentele si pe alte grupe. Momentan sunt atestata pentru grupele I, IV, IX.

Este o placere deosebita pentru mine ca am posibilitatea de a arbitra din nou la DDS, deoarece aici am debutat ca si arbitru chinolog.

Alexandra Jors - Romania fb-icon 
jors alexandra1

Dintotdeauna am fost pasionată de câini, crescând într-o familie iubitoare de animale. La varsta de 13 ani, am devenit proprietara primului meu Chow-Chow şi din acelaşi timp a început activitatea mea ca expozant.  În anul 2009 am înregistrat canisa Majestic Sandial, importând de-a lungul timpului mai multe exemplare din rasa Chow-Chow, de mare valoare. Am promovat cu succes exemplarele din canisa proprie, obținând rezultate remarcabile şi numeroase titluri de campion. Am importat primul Chow-Chow varietatea cu păr scurt, înregistrat în Cartea de Origine Română.  Sunt membru al Asociației Chinologice a jud. Mureş, începând din anul 2005. În prezent, sunt arbitru chinolog pentru rasele din Grupa V FCI.  

Calin Mitra - Romania fb-icon

mitraHe was born in Oradea, his father being a hunter had two dogs, one Airedale terrier and one German Short-haired Pointing Dog. Since his childhood he was atracted by nature, so he began to study horticulture and breeding 
dogs Miniature and Giant Schnauzers, Rottweiler and Komondor. As he enjoyed very much canine sports, he imported the first Border Collie in Romania, producing many valuable puppies, one of them Der Bartiege Vikinger Fanni becoming
european champion at dog sports. He was the President of Bihor Kennel Club between 2000 and 2008 and organizer of the double shows Oradea-Debrecen. 
He is an FCI judge since 2006.

Papp Laszlo - Romania fb-icon

pappVasile-Carol Papp is one of the pioneers of purebred dog breeding in Romania. He has been a dog show judge since 1975 and he is a specialist for the group ll. He loves the German Boxers and is the owner of one. He has a lot of experience judging dog shows all over the world, and his specific style has earned him fans among breeders and audience alike. He is the President of Judges College of the Romanian Kennel Club and a member of the Executive Board of Romanian Kennel Club.

Calin Margineanu - Romania fb-icon

calin-marHe spent his childhood surrounded by dogs, his father being the owner of the „Avia de Potiassa” kennel breeding Giant Schnauzer and Deutcher Boxer. Together with his father he participated to many dogshows winning very important titles at that time, like the Lexi Cup, The Golden Bone and many others. Between 1980 – 1987 he was the proud owner of a miniature salt& pepper schnauzer which became Grand Champion of Romania. In 1997 he finished The Veterinary Medicine University at Cluj, and he started dogshowing again. He registered his kennel Poker’s and started to import some miniature schnauzers, winning many important titles like CACIB at the East Central European Cup, Cacib at European Dogshow, 32 Best in Show Titles and the list goes on. In 2005 be became FCI judge having the oportunity to judge at many shows in Romania, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia.



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